Family Stuff

So I’m working on the family tree. Not that I have a large direct family – just one son – but the years pass & one reflects upon such matters as memories pile up. But my mother was one of ten children, & my father was the second youngest of five, so there are quite a few cousins, & their offspring.

Most are in the UK & Australia. As far as I can tell, I’m the only North American representative.

What I have spent a fair bit of time on is compiling the tree, using, initially, a lovely hand compiled chart covering the family as it was in about 1990. The world & human nature being what it is, there are lots more since, & I’m finding it both harder & easier to keep up. Easier because family can send in email format, pictures of gatherings such as Christmas dinners & birthdays, but harder because unless I’m very conscientious in writing down the names as described in the accompanying email, I risk forgetting or even deleting in error the explanatory notes & photos. prt207

So I’ve bought a genealogy program. A “deluxe” version of a free one. I think it was just $30, so not very dear. And am working on filling in the details. Beyond just listing who begot whom, there is provision for anecdotes about the people listed, for photos of course & the ability to create “trees”. So far I’ve got about 160 people, not going back too far though – nothing earlier than the early 1800s, which probably means that there was nothing special about “my” family.

The picture above was taken, I think, shortly after the war – my mother is the rather coy young woman in the front row, looking very attractive.


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