Worst Winter.. Ever!

When I say “ever” I mean that Pat & I have ever experienced since we came to BC. It may also be one of the worst winters that residents of Vancouver Island can recall. There’s talk of comparing it to others over the past 100 years & 2016/17 seems to lead the pack.

Of course, there is really no comparison to the amount of snow I used to get at the farm in Meaford, where it was often too deep to easily walk through without snowshoes or skis. Nor can our temperatures be compared to those suffered by Pat when she lived in Calgary – this past week has seen daytime temps of around -30C there,  whereas we moan terribly if we don’t exceed the freezing point. Still, minus 2 is not exactly T-shirt weather, although I was down to mine yesterday as I cleared the snow for the 6th time this season from our steep driveway. p1030029

We are also lucky in that we get very little wind so the biting chill that comes off Georgian Bay is absent.

But also beginning to be noticeable due to their absence are fruits & vegetables! Today the shelves were rather empty in our local supermarket! Upon enquiry, we learnt that the road conditions were hampering delivery. One of the few drawbacks of living on Vancouver Island is that roads are not as available as in eastern Canada – for example there is only one road leading north out of Victoria – the rather oddly named Trans Canada Highway – odd because it stops, obviously, at the sea. So there is just one road traversing the Island & as stuff comes in from either Nanaimo or Victoria, it is subject to weather as it goes over the Malahat mountain range, where accidents are common. And that obstacle must be affecting deliveries all over the island!


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