Getting To Know You




So what I’m thinking is that this WordPress thing is not so bad, after all! I’ve been playing with the controls a bit, choosing themes, finding out about menus & how to formulate text, & guess what? It’s not so unfriendly, after all! It’s me, not you them!

I may not have mentioned to you, my faithful readers, that I now live in a little town in BC called Chemainus. Nor, as far as I can tell, have I shown you all a photo of the place. So here goes:

The top photo is of the dock in Chemainus, from where the ferry shown crosses to the Gulf Islands of Thetis & Penalikut (which, sigh, used to be called Kuper ..sihh). On Thetis people can buy houses & cottages – there’s a population of about 120 or so, but the other island is just for the natives, & you apparently can only go there if invited by someone on the reservation.!


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