Yep, possibly both of those things. But this web log has been lying dormant for some six years not just because I’ve been otherwise occupied with getting married, selling our houses, moving across the country, renting & then buying, renovating & so many other activities that comprise simply getting on with life, it’s also because I’m not sure about WordPress as a blog hosting site.

Of course, another factor may well be because I also have 2 other blogs…..

both of which have received slightly more attention over the years than this one.

but it’s also more than that, I must confess. For whatever reason(s) I find BLOGGER a more  friendly site than WordPress, meaning, of course, that it is easier for an old coot like me to use, update, personalise & generally play around with beyond just simply typing the idle ramblings of my mind,

I must admit that I like pretty things. I know, we sneer at the word “pretty” when instead anyone wishing to sound the slightest bit discerning or sophisticated would choose a term like “visually attractive” or “pleasingly designed”. But I like “pretty”. It says it all for me.

And on Blogger it’s much easier to, say, format the text for size & colour, for example. It also seems to me to be more flexible with the layout & appearance aspect of your labour. I’m sure WordPress is more powerful, & ultimately more malleable to one’s wishes, but not to a fairly casual writer like me, who has no intent of using my blog to generate income.



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