Tornado Alley !

Wow! Tornadoes to the left of me, tornadoes to the right! The top pic is of Georgian Peaks where Nic works. Very little damage there except to some sheds on top of the mountain.

But the photo below is from a few miles south of Owen Sound, where an 11 yr old boy was killed when a small building collapsed. Very sad, as his mother was right beside him.

Meaford library is closed “indefinitely” as intense rain caused the roof of the old building to sag, letting in tons of water & ruining most of the books. Everyone had to evacuate. As for me, with my new roof, not a sign of any damage. I was in Owen Sound, seeing “District 9”, ( a great movie, BTW, but so misinterpreted. Most N A critics see it as a metaphor for apartheid, but clearly Peter Jackson intended a parallel to Palestine IMO) , so missed all the “fun”. But driving home during the storms was, er, exciting!

Georgian Peaks Tornado

Tornado Damage


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