So this is Summer?

John Lennon’s song was called  So This Is Christmas! if I remember right. And was a comment on the state of the world.

Well, summer is pretty miserable around the Great Lakes region, & it seems to me the world hasn’t changed much since then, except to get worse in many ways.

Our ability to enjoy life without complication has diminished, all in the name of “freedom” which sounds to me like Newspeak. Passports are needed to travel to the US, limits on baggage imposed, photo IDs everywhere & we’re still at war somewhere. Whereas in the Muslim countries I’ve visited, things are much simpler & easier. (As long as you’re not subject to Shariah code, that is). When flying, you don’t get interrogated by thugs at the security gates, can eat off proper cutlery at mealtimes in the air, & are greeted with smiles usually.

But it could be worse. And it probably will be.

So to cheer myself up, I’ve bought a new camera. A walk around camera that I can put in my little bag, or in the saddle bag on my bike without all the bulk of my Nikon SLRs. What did I get? After much research, which boiled down to a choice between the new Olympus E-P1; the Panasonic LX3 & the Canon Powershot G10, I opted for the latter.

Why? Well, I already have two Canons –  an old G2 & a digital Elph, ( SD 750), both of which I enjoy, but the battery on the G2 is pretty well toast, & now, after the lovely 3 ” screen on the Elph the tiny 1.8 ” low res screen was frustrating. So why not the LX3? Guess it was laziness. I already knew the operations of Canon cameras, had the software on my PC, & didn’t feel the differences justified learning another manufacturer’s camera menus. As well, I just liked the pseudo-rangefinder feel of the G10.

But, when Panasonic come out with a larger sensored competitor to the Olympus E-P1; one with high res screen & flash, I’ll probably be among the first to check it out!

What's this tree?


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