Despite my earlier posts which may have been seen by some as rather critical of life in Omaha, the arrival of spring has rather modified my opinion. In many ways, April & May have been glorious months for this city, with rampant floral displays on roadside trees, as well as the general greening of lawns & verges.
Omahans like their lawns, I can see. where in Eastern states & Australia lawns are being seen as rather passe from a landscaping viewpoint, & antisocial considering a lawn’s water requirements, suburban Omahans spend considerable time & money getting their lawns just right.
But May has been rather spoilt by a constant wind; both from the north & the south; a wind blowing strongly enough to discourage outdoor ventures. Perhaps, in a latitude where you’d expect a more westerly flow of air, the north/south axis is determined by the Missouri river basin, which itself flows N. S. before heading west in the Dakotas. Either way, it’s a bloody nuisance. But we had one day of perfect weather; gorgeously clean & still air. Here are some pictures.


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