Peeping at Pepys

You know Sam Pepys. That hard-drinking, gregarious, musical & multi-talented man-about-town. The town being London, & the time being 1660 onwards. A time of tumultous change in England; the Restoration, the plague & the Great Fire.
Well, I’ve been reading him again. And I say “peeping” ‘cos although his fascinating diary is available online through the Gutenberg site, someone has come up with the terrific idea of posting a page a day, thereby giving interested readers just a peep at the daily goings-on.
I’m a bit behind, & that’s not because I’m a slow reader – I’m not – but it’s all the annotations that hold me back. And that’s because the annotations, from various other readers more knowledgeable than I, are just as interesting as the diary itself.
You see, each page is now analysed & descriptions & explanations are available for almost every sentence of old Sam’s. That means cross references & all sorts of interesting diversions are placed before me, such as word origins, costs of things like meals (6d for an “ordinary”) & so many historical references that it’s hard to keep track of everyone. How Pepys did it, is amazing – he seems to meet with about 10 different people each day.
The diary ran from Jan 1, 1660 for about 10 years. We’re now nearly 1 1/2 years into it, & Charles 11 is just about to be invited back onto the throne. Gotta go, gotta get back to it.


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