Organising My Posts

I’ve got a couple of blogs going, not quite sure why, as although they started out differently, they seem to have gravitated towards each other in content. The other one is at and, although it is only the work of a few minutes to post to a blog site, I seem to have let them both slide.

Think what I’m going to do is update both, once a week, perhaps one on Wednesdays & the other on the weekend, for a while until I can decide which way I’m leaning.

Another reason I’ve been remiss is due partly to the sudden rash of warm, even hot weather (it was 83 degrees F on the weekend) & also to my coming down with a cold. Feeling rather miserable & consuming large numbers of tissues is not conducive to getting online, it appears.

So, no new photos this week; I’ll wait until I get out again with my camera.


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