Flowering Cherry Trees

When I went out to get my haircut this morning, having seen a sign yesterday advertising cuts for $5.99, it wasn’t until my way home that I remembered the flowering trees that had pleased me so much over the weekend. Of course, I remembered this when I didn’t have my camera with me, so had to go home to get it, but didn’t mind as the distance was not great & the filtered sunshine very pleasant on my face, so I drove with the windows open.

As these pics were for the web I used my Canon G2, but left it set to the highest resolution, an almost 12 MP file just in case I wanted to print anything later. It was of course the wrong time of day by the time I got myself organised – nearly noon – but I hoped with the hazy sky from the threatened thunderstorms around that I’d have muted shadows, which turned out to be the case.

Behind the golf course clubhouse turned out to be the best spot as the trees wound around the curve in the road most prettily, but I was surprised that blossoms I’d only noticed a few days ago had already passed their peak, so that leaves were visible through the flowers. But none had fallen so I went ahead & fiddled around. Three of the pictures are posted here.


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