More Omaha Thoughts

Suddenly it’s spring in SE NE, & for all I know, in other parts of the state also. And that development causes me to rethink, again, my observations about the city.

As I drive around (remember, you have to drive in Omaha) the little parks & green strips along, say, 144th St N, have burst into life. This week it seems that flowering cherry trees are everywhere, with the occasional magnolia & some forsythia bushes also.

I also drove along a divided road behind a golf club, think it was Eagle Run W, parallel to Maple St, and the whole section of road, for at least 1/4 of a mile, was ablaze in white blossoms on the trees decorating the central divide. Even though the day was overcast, seeing all those beautiful trees in flower at once was a breathtaking emotional experience, & made me glad to have witnessed the display.

I have to say now that many of the houses in Omaha are attractive not only in their locations, often in small valleys among the rolling hills of the city, but also in their visual appearance themselves. They look like pleasant, comfortable places to live, which, ultimately, is what we all want, don’t we?
Probably their grand appearance is mostly for show, & behind the pillars & brickwork are the same thin 2×4 framework that the houses are actually built of; the brick will just be a veneer, & the bedrooms & bathrooms will have no soundproofing like so many new houses. But driving around Eagle Run, & along 144th towards Dodge, the appearance is nevertheless pleasing.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of the lovely flowering trees.


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