Unfair to Omaha?

It’s been pointed out to me that I am excessively critical of this friendly midwestern city. Well, actually it hasn’t been yet, but someone is sure to do so as soon as someone reads what I’ve written.

On reflection, I’d have to admit that many of the criticisms I voice apply not just to Omaha, but to all new housing estates built the way they are these days. So the bitching about having to drive everywhere is just a symptom of newness, perhaps.

But, some lingering jibes remain. Take downtown, for instance. Downtown is where everyone ought to live. After all, it was the spot where the early settlers decided was the best place to set up shop. And they could choose to live anywhere they wanted. In Omaha’s case, downtown is on the majestic Missouri river, with some interesting hills overlooking a bend or two.

Driving around in that area is so depressing, however. Run-down is the lingering impression, especially when you compare it with, say, other cities I’ve lived in – Melbourne, Australia; Toronto, Canada.

Why, to paraphrase Henry Higgins’ complaint in My Fair Lady, — why can’t Omaha be more like them?


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