The Sticks without sticks (or leaves or twigs)

On a sunny Friday afternoon in Omaha, what better thing to do than sit at my PC writing a WebLog. Am I paralysed? Too lazy to drag myself vertical & go out into the world?

Not exactly, & if you’ve seen Omaha, you’d know why I’m not outside. There’s nothing there! No shops, restaurants, parks, interesting historical items!

Amazing. How can people spend their money on these new housing estates & get such a superficial life, and all because they think, think, they want to live in a new house.

I mean, those things do exist in Omaha, but you’ve got to get in your car & drive to find them. How antisocial can that be in these times of high fuel prices?

I’m on a golf course, but one without trees. Even on the course, no-one walks. They all seem to drive around in put-put buggies. Great exercise!


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