A Spring Country Drive

Well, I’m almost hesitant to say this, but now, at the last day of the first week of May, it looks as if spring has finally arrived.

As evidence, we have gone about 3 days without rain & with abundant sunshine – Yippee!

Last week we had temperatures that reached 20C! . That didn’t last, mind you, but at least it’s warm enough to sit outside with our coffees & a book, to read, discuss the issues of the day and to observe the birds courting, arguing & feeding on the seeds that we’ve put out for them.

We went on a longish drive to a fjord on the west coast, where we could see snow on the mountains, seals in the ocean & people in shorts. It was a perfect day to wind our way over the mountains & along twisty roads in a sports car!



Looks like spring, but…

….It’s still raining. Often, almost daily. Showers mostly, but still! So we have had to dodge out to take advantage of the few lovely, sunny days we’ve had since meteorological spring arrived 2 months ago.

But we had one last week & took the Z car out for a spin to see the blossoms in the neighbourhood. And lovely they were. We took the top down & ambled along by the sea shore to Ladysmith. Took a walk along the sands to see the boats. Lovely!


Is it..finally…SPRING?

There’s a question mark at the end of that title because, even though we’re halfway through the first week of April, rain is forecast for the rest of the week & temperatures are still hovering around 10 or 11 Celsius.

And I want to complain. To moan about how the good lord (or really, given all the misery in the world in general, the not-so-good lord) who is supposed to be in charge of these matters, has tricked us into thinking the weather in southern Vancouver Island is lovely.

It used to be. It WAS the last 3 years (which is all we, as newcomers to BC have to compare it with) but this has been a rotten 4 months. And I don’t use the word “rotten” lightly. With so much rain & so few periods of sunshine or dryness, everything in the garden, on the balcony & on our roof is either mildewed or actually rotting away.


…by the cyclone in Oz. My brother Glynn sent this today, of his niece & her father in Byron Bay, NSW, where the storm is apparently working its way south. They look very happy, despite the apparently, to me, risky conditions on this washed-out road.

Even though the usual depictions of Australia are of being dry & desert-like, this part of the country is well watered – even to excess occasionally like now,  which is why Russell Crowe lives there & house prices are very high for a small town.


About Cars

For the first time in my life, I’ve got 2 cars. Really, I suppose, seeing as I’m a married guy, I share the ownership of them with Patti, my wife, but still…she doesn’t drive. And so they’re both registered to me. Which, on the other hand, makes me her chauffeur, doesn’t it?

Last week we got a new one. A lovely silver QX70S. Here’s a photo. The other car is much older, thirteen year older, in fact, but I still like it as it is so lovely to drive. In the summer, that is because it is a sports car, a roadster so on these awful wintry days we’ve been having, I’ve put it away.

P1010768And with this “hiemo horribilis” we’ve had, I am so looking forward to sunshine & warmer weather. Then it will be time to pay ICBC for tax & insurance on the Z car, carefully back it out of the garage & down our too steep driveway, & then..as Mr. Toad waxed enthusiastically, “There’s real life for you, embodied in that little car(t). The open road, the dusty highway, the heath, the common, the hedgerows, the rolling downs!Car blurred

A Foggy Day…

.. on Vancouver Island, or at least in our corner of it. So where’s our much admired view? Where is the glacier on Mt. Garibaldi? How will Pat be able to inform me, as she does sometimes looking out of our large window, that the ferry to Thetis Island is running on time? Or to comment on the various vessels that we see plying their way either north towards Nanaimo or south towards Victoria? We can’t, because the fog has enveloped us in a misty embrace & while doing so, deposits moderately intense rain of the continuous sort.

Here’s another picture to demonstrate what I mean, & you can see the difference from a few days ago, both with respect to the amount of snow on the ground & also the view out of our living room window. Oh, well, spring is, IS on the way.foggy-chemainus

Good News…

..the snow is melting! Or at least it is in those parts of our little town that are subject to the recent appearance of..SUNSHINE!

However, on our side of the road, among the houses that are nestled into the tall fir trees on the side of the hill, we’re in constant shade at this time of the year. That’s because at our latitude the sun doesn’t rise high enough to clear the tops of the trees.  But it’s getting there; this morning I noticed sun on the roof of the house & breaking in through the skylights. Soon, in a couple of weeks, we’ll have sufficient sun to sit on the deck out back. Until then, though, we have to go across the road to sit in the sun. From our living room window we can see the snow on everyone else’s roofs rapidly melt. p1030047